The Return of Iggykoopa… And the (un)Retirement of the Lizardmen! – September 19, 2013.

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Well, well, well…. where do I even begin…??? So much has happened over the last 6 months that I’ve had to put all of my tabletop hobby stuff to the side and focus on other aspects of my life. It started out with me going to Japan for about 4 months, then I accepted a new position that has gotten me closer to home, so now I’m in Oklahoma City and much closer to Wichita (which means I can participate in the local tournaments, woot!), and now I just found out that my beloved Lizardmen have been blessed by Sotek and have been given a new codex! Because I’ve been out of the country and in the transition of getting settled in my new city all of my stuff has been boxed up and fallen by the wayside… (and by the way, I “lost” my bitz box that consisted of a collection of bitz as well as rare and out-of-print models by the horrible moving company that is Allegiant Van Lines during the move from Seattle to OKC… that’s still a sore subject…) But no more! I’m just about settled in and even though I’m currently planning a wedding, my soon-to-be-wife has encouraged me to break out the paintbrushes and miniatures and get myself back to work. I love it that she’s so supportive of the hobby! In addition to that, I thought it would be an absolute travesty if I didn’t provide some type of brief overview of the new Lizardmen Codex right here on my blog, The Jungles of Lustria. We are, after all, dedicated to the Sons of Sotek…

Needless to say, I’m anxious to get things going again but I know it’s going to be a slow transition. I’ve just now skimmed over the book and gotta hand it to GW: some of those new models are the absolute shit! So… after filing for their retirement just a mere 5 months ago… the Lizardmen are coming out of retirement and are poised to make a grand re-entrance. There is definitely going to be some new additions to the army and I think the Old Skool models like the metal Carnosaur will be staying in retirement, having been updated and (let’s face it) replaced by a much cooler, fierce-looking new model. Other newer models like the Ripperdactyls, Troglodon, and the Chakax model definitely have a place in the updated army. So over the next few months I’ll be giving the Lizards of Old a facelift and I’ll hopefully be able to find a local tournament closeby so they can make their glorious return in style!

Yea... he'll definitely be replacing the old Grymloq.

Yea… he’ll definitely be replacing the old Grymloq.

A quick list of a couple things that stood out to me as I was reviewing the new Lizardmen Codex:

Predatory Fighters: This looks like one that can really come in handy. I usually run my Saurus 6 wide… and if I’m doing this right then that means that with a Champion I have 19 attacks (assuming they’re all in base-to-base contact with the enemy) and any of those that roll 6’s I get to take those and roll to hit again. An added bonus if you run spears and are able to attack in 3 ranks… I like this rule, it gets my approval.

The Lore of High Magic: We finally get our own lore! I’ve always wondered how the Lizardmen were the ones who taught the Elves magic… and they have their own magic but we had to use the standard stuff… It never made sense. Well it seems GW has addressed this and we now have our very own. And the 2 Signature Spells (Drain Magic and Soul Quench) are perfect if you roll something that you don’t like, though I believe all of the other ones are good in their own right. Arcane Unforging is awesome… and has the potential to make it a long day for those pimped out characters that like to carry lots of magic items. (It destroys a magic item and causes a wound if it goes off.) I like that we finally got our own Lore of Magic.

More big Dinosaurs!: I like that they’ve added newer, bigger, better dinosaur models to the overall Lizardmen range. The Troglodon, Bastiladon, and Ripperdactyls are awesome new additions. I really like the Ripperdactyls both in gaming terms and the sculpts. They are a little pricey for 40 points but they look like they can dish some damage with 3 attacks and Killing Blow. Only problem is their (lack of) Armour Save, as is customary with Lizardmen in general. Oh well, something we’ll have to work with. The Troglodon looks like it’ll go right in the middle of the battle line, right in between the 2 bricks of Saurus Warriors so that when it lets out the Primeval Roar you can make everybody within 12″ roll additional attacks on 5 and 6, instead of just the normal 6. His stat line doesn’t suck either. And it’s big, which means it’s another dino that the opposition will have to worry about. Overall I’m happy that we have lots more big dinos to choose from in the new range.

Cold One Cavalry: Still suck. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Spears and Javelins: Saurus Warriors and Skink Skirmishers can now swap for Spears and Javelins for free, finally!!!

That’s just a quick overview of some things I noticed. I’ll get into the book deeper when I have time and I’ll start putting together a new, updated army list. In the meantime, I’ll start piecemealing the models I need and get them assembled and then eventually painted. I’m happy to be back on the scene and closer to the action. I’m looking forward to getting in some quality gaming time over the next few months and am anxious to start blogging again with the new updated models. In addition to the Lizardmen, I’m still working on a Beastmen army, some 40k stuff here and there, and possibly some WarmaHordes stuff. There’s always another project, I’m sure everybody that plays this hobby knows that. Check back soon, I’ll have an update and hopefully some new material. Glad to be back and as always, thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “The Return of Iggykoopa… And the (un)Retirement of the Lizardmen! – September 19, 2013.

    • Yea Rob told me about it. Unfortunately I’m nowhere close to being ready for that tournament. Like I said, I have to add new models and I haven’t even made purchases yet. I’ll get to it though. Glad to see Wichita is starting to run some tournaments. I’ll definitely be there in the near future.

  1. Great to see this blog back in action. I look forward to seeing the rebirth of your glorious lizardmen. We’ve added a lizardmen player to our new campaign and the Saurus have been pretty brutal.

    • Hey Zebrazach! I’m hoping to make it back to the WCHT this year, and hopefully HornedRatRob comes with me. I’m working on Lizardmen right now but will likely go with Dwarfs going forward. I also signed up for the Lonewolf GT in Dallas, Texas and that’s what I’ll be taking there as well. Let me know the details on it if you can, so I can start making preparations. Lookin’ forward to hanging out again.

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