Warhammer Quiz Results.

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Thanks to my buddy over at Flames of the Phoenix I came across a Warhammer Quiz that gives you some details on what army you’re most attracted to… FoTP posted it first so I followed his link after reading his results (Big surprise! He got High Elves as #1!) and decided to take the quiz and see what I came up with. If you’re interested, you can find the link to the quiz here, or just head on over to Flames’ page and follow his link. Here’s my results:

1. Lizardmen – 95%
2. Dwarfs – 80%
3. Ogre Kingdoms – 75%
4. Tomb Kings – 65%
5. Vampire Counts – 65%
6. The Empire – 60%
7. Hordes of Chaos – 55%
8. Beastmen – 50%
9. High Elves – 45%
10. Brettonia – 45%
11. Wood Elves – 35%
12. Chaos Dwarves – 35%
13. Dogs of War – 30%
14. Skaven – 30%
15. Orcs & Goblins – 25%
16. Dark Elves – 10%

As expected, Lizardmen are my #1 choice and the 2nd choice is very interesting in The Dwarfs… Reason being is that HornedRatRob and I just recently engaged in a trade in which I got his Dwarfs and he got my Beastmen… The Dwarfs were my very first army when I started playing almost 14 years ago and I’ve always wanted to go back to them. I think it’s just interesting how they wound up #2 on the list… and right after I just made a trade for them and plan on using them at the upcoming Lonewolf GT in Dallas, Texas. The Ogre Kingdoms threw me for a loop… I have never had any interest in playing OK so I must’ve answered some of the questions weirdly… Dark Elves in last place is so accurate it’s not even funny. Of all WHFB armies, I despise the Dark Elves most of all and would never consider making an army of DE. I guess in some aspects of the quiz it’s very accurate and others it may be kinda off… I would think O&G’s would be a little higher on the list… I do like that army. At any rate, I’d encourage you to take the quiz and see where you rank. It’s fun and will pass some time and may even turn you on to some armies that you didn’t even know you liked! Check it out and be looking for Dwarf updates in the very near future!


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