The Book of Grudges: Grudgethrower #1.

Now that I’ve been in the Oklahoma City area for a few months… and have gotten the wedding outta the way, the startup and settling down of moving into a new home, and Thanksgiving done, I figured it was time to see what OKC has to offer for the gaming scene. I recently found a few gaming groups around here and a few stores as well. There is one actual Games Workshop store as well as a few independent retailers, New World and Games HQ just to name a few. Anyways, I stumbled upon a gaming forum and came across what appears to be a gaming convention on March 22-23 right here in OKC that goes by the name of TwisterCon. And it appears that The New World Order gaming group will be putting on a WHFB Grand Tournament. So, instead of heading 3 hours south to Dallas for the Lonewolf, I’ve decided to stay local and support the local gaming community and participate in the GT that has been dubbed “The Slobberknocker”. At the time of typing of this post, I have signed up for their forums and have signed up for the GT as well, but still have not been approved to post yet so I haven’t been able to introduce myself… More to come…

So anyways, I’m telling you all of this because I have decided to start up my Dwarfs army and started by the tune of a tough-as-nails Dwarf crew and their trusty Grudgethrower. This is the first model that I’ve painted for the Dwarf army and there will be more and more coming along in the coming weeks. If the tournament is March 22-23 then that tells me I have about 3 months to paint an entire 2,500 point Dwarf army… and a display board. The good thing is that I don’t have to haul it across the country on a plane or even drive hours to get it to it’s final destination, and that alone makes me happy about it all. I figure there’s no time like the present and in order to take a journey of 1 million steps it all begins with a single step… So this Grudgethrower is my first step.


I’ve decided to go with the Dwarf Stronghold of Karak Kadrin, whose colors are crimson red dotted with silver and gold. And to accomplish this, the Dwarfs in the army that actually have shields (there won’t be many) will have their shields painted red and all of the Dwarfs that have helmets will have red on theirs as well. I’m going to go with a custom mark on the banners when the time comes as well. Thus, you notice the crew has red helmets…. Here’s a few pics of what I was able to complete so far.


And some more:



So now onto more painting. I have a lot to get done! I believe I’ll work on the cannon and crew next! More to come soon! Thanks for checking.



2 thoughts on “The Book of Grudges: Grudgethrower #1.

  1. That’s a nice looking start to the army. I like the color scheme that you have gone with. They tones are quite earthy, but they still have their bling. I have full confidence that you will be able to finish it before the tournament.

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