Jungles of Lustria 2013 Resolutions Recap & 2014 New Years Gaming Resolutions!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Sigh… It’s that time of the year to reflect back on all I did(n’t) do throughout 2013! I know it’s a little early to post this as I usually wait until right after the new year but I figured I’d get it in now… In the interest of… something… This post is really just a re-post of my 2012 Resolutions recap because so many things didn’t go the way I had intended this year, gaming-wise. I did a lot to improve myself on a personal and spiritual level so that’s all good… but because of that my gaming took a huge hit. I started off the year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania then headed back to Seattle, Washington about Mid-March… From there, I was in town for about 4 weeks before being sent to Japan for about 4 months. Got back to the states in June and relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 1. Along the way, the moving company lost a good portion of my gaming stuff which included my Warmachine Mercs army (fully painted) as well as my bitz box that had at least 12 years of bitz in it, not to mention some rare and OOP models. They also misplaced my “Harry the Hammer” sealed model and lost a good portion of my Beastmen army as well as what I had left over from my Orcs and Goblins army… I was pissed off and, of course, there’s nothing they could do about it.  And that’s where I’ve been ever since. I then reconnected with the love of my life, got engaged on July 11, married on November 9, and now getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas! Needless to say, that left little time to get my gaming up to par… I was, however, able to participate in one of the coolest Grand Tournaments I’ve ever been to when I attended the West Coast GT in the Los Angeles area out in CA. I met a great group of guys there and will hopefully get the chance to head back there this year.

In case you don’t remember, this is what I had planned to accomplish in 2013 (Results in parentheses):

– Paint 2,500 points of Beastmen (FAIL!)

– Paint 1,500 points of Salamanders (FAIL!)

– Finish 2,000 points of Deathwing (FAIL!)

– Attend 2 Major Warhammer Fantasy Tournaments (1/2 FAIL! I did attend the West Coast GT!)

– Attend at least 1 Major Warhammer 40k Tournament (FAIL!)

– Attend Games Day 2013 (FAIL!)

– Finish 2,500 points of Daemons of Chaos (FAIL!)

Well 2014 is going to be different! I make that vow right now! I’m finally at a point in my life where I still travel, but not NEARLY as much as I have in the past 3 years… So I’m in OKC now, and have recently gotten in contact with a group of local gamers that go by the name of The New World Order Gaming Club that looks very promising. They hold monthly tournaments for both Fantasy and 40k, and even sprinkle some WarmaHordes in there every now and then. And they’re also planning on holding their first Slobberknocker Grand Tournament in March, which I’ve signed up for (as well as some of my B.A.W.G.S. brothers), as you’ll notice in my “Upcoming Events” section on the left side of this page. So with all this happening around me, it really just falls on me to sit around and do nothing… So in other words, I have no excuses. Well, after going through a list of all that I plan on accomplishing this year, adding some items, removing some items, etc, etc…. I’ve finally come up with a list. So far in 2 years that I’ve given Gaming Resolutions I’ve fallen short, and I’m determined to not let that happen this year. So without further ado, here’s my 2014 Gaming Resolutions:

– Paint 3,000 points of Dwarfs (About 5% Complete)

– Complete 2,000 points of my Deathwing Army (40% Complete)

– Paint 50 points of Trollbloods (About 8% Complete)

– Attend at least 3 Major Grand Tournaments for Warhammer Fantasy (1 signed up for so far!)

– Attend at least 1 Major Grand Tournament for Warhammer 40K (More to come on this one.)

– Complete new Carnosaur and Bastilidon models for my Lizardmen army (Models purchased!)

– Attend Games Day 2014

The Dwarfs are about 5% complete.

The Dwarfs are about 5% complete.

The Deathwing are so close! Just need to get motivated!

The Deathwing are so close! Just need to get motivated!

I’ve toned it down from the last few years but I feel it’s much more attainable and manageable this time around. Hopefully things go as planned and I’m not having to shuffle around my entire life again and put my gaming plans on hold… but things rarely go as planned. Here’s to closing out 2013 with a couple more painting post updates and beginning 2014 with a blast! The Dwarfs are up first as they have a date with some new armies on March 22-23 right here in OKC. I’ll try to work on the Deathwing in between for a change of scenery. Whatever I’m working on, the plan is just to actually do something, and continue to do it in 2014. So what are you Gaming Resolutions for 2014? I’d encourage you to make a list. It helps to keep you on track and remember those goals you made at the beginning of the year. Have an awesome rest of the year and may 2014 bring all that you want! Thanks for reading!


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