2,500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Hero Complex – Wichita, Kansas. (Results… Spoiler alert: I win something!)

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Just 10 days into the new year and I can already cross one thing off of the resolutions list… I plan to make it to a couple of local tournaments throughout the year and I was able to do that this past Saturday, January 10th and Hero Complex located in Wichita, Kansas. A good buddy of mine and I made the 2 hour road trip from OKC to Wichita and participated in the first tournament of the new year: a 2,500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. There were 3 custom scenarios… the first one required you to go for the opponent’s general and gave you extra bonus points for knocking him out of the game and so was aptly named “Kill the head of the snake”. The 2nd one was a Magic Flux where any doubles you rolled during the magic phase would be counted as Irresistible Force (and a miscast) based on the turn you were in (so in turn 2, if you rolled double 6’s or double 2’s it would be a miscast). The third and final scenario was a “Last Stand” scenario. Any unit could use a Last Stand command where they would automatically pass any and all Ld tests they were required to make. All great scenarios and even though we only had 8 people show up it showed great potential for the Fantasy gaming front. There was plenty of excitement and lots of people in the shop playing other games that got some good shots of us playing, hopefully bringing them closer to giving it a try.

photo (4)

Some action from Saturday.

My first game was against a great friend of mine, Chris McArthur, and his Tomb Kings army. It was hard fought and we got through 4 turns but time ran out on us and we ended up with a draw. My second game was against a new Fantasy player that also made a 2 hour trip named Matt that was playing Skaven. Being new to the game he was having some trouble knowing what all units / characters did what but I was more than willing to help him out, especially since he came out and is very interested in making it to regular tournaments! There was one point in which his Hellpit Abomination did some damage to my Saurus unit and the only thing that kept me around was the Steadfast rule… Hard fought again and ended up with a draw. Last game was against my other buddy Austin Murrey (who made the trip with me) against his beautifully painted Chaos Slaanesh army. In order to make it a draw the points difference had to be between 0 and 251 points… The total for Austin was 258 and one Chaos Warrior that held his own against a hailstorm of skink poisoned blowpipe darts ended up being the difference between a Minor Victory and a draw. So I walked out with a record of 0-1-2 but was still fortunate enough to have the coveted “Best Painted Army” award! I always enjoy winning and love to play the game but I love making my army look good so I enjoy it more when I’m able to win a painted award! The tounament went smooth and hopefully this is the spark that the fantasy front needs. 8 people this time with another tournament coming in February and if that number continues to rise and rise it will only be better. Playing in the tournament definitely made me think of the golden age from a few years ago when Fantasy was in its prime and we had a huge turnout of players every weekend. I’m very hopeful and and certain that we can get back to that point and I believe this tournament is a step in the right direction!

photo (3)

Squaring off against the Tomb Kings!

I had fun and always enjoy getting in 3 games a day and it helped even more to walk outta there with some s.w.a.g. Now I’m off to put together my Bastilidon and Trogolodon models (I didn’t get to use them yesterday because they’re still shrink-wrapped… I’ll have to remedy this…) to add and bolster my Lizardmen army then continue working on the Dwarfs and Deathwing. More updates coming soon. As always, thanks for reading!

photo (2)

Lizardmen take on Austin’s Chaos Slaanesh army.


5 thoughts on “2,500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Hero Complex – Wichita, Kansas. (Results… Spoiler alert: I win something!)

  1. What do you think of the new LM book? I was impressed with some of the monsters they added, and the special rules for the army too. I am a fan of the new book, fur sure – but some people I know have mixed emotions. Sounds like you had fun, which is all that matters.

    • It’s funny you ask me that… I really haven’t even looked over the book at all. I found myself referencing it several times throughout the tournament because I was using the old rulebook and would say “Well, lemme check and make sure that’s still right because it may have changed.” Some things are good, some are bad. I don’t like that they basically nerfed the Salamanders. They used to be able to march and still spout flames with a S3 and -3 modifier so if it wounded then it would likely knock off a lot of people, even armored knights. But now, sure the strength is higher (4) but it’s only a -1 modifier and they can no longer march and spout flames. I think it’s whack but oh well… As for the new monsters, I have a Bastilidon and a Troglodon in my new list but didn’t use them on Saturday because I don’t have them put together. But with the new list, they’re in there and I can’t wait to see how I can properly use them!

  2. Congrats on the best painted award. The pictures that you have on this site don’t really do your army justice. It is quite impressive in person, and the display board tops it off nicely. It was nice to get to meet you in person. Hopefully, I can make it to the next tournament.

    • Thanks man! Yes! It was nice to finally meet you. Glad we got the chance to put the face with the name. And thanks for the compliments on the army, I’ve definitely put a lot of time into it so when it gets noticed I appreciate it. Hopefully you can make it to the next one, it’d be nice to see your army in action!

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