The Original Spawning: Skink Oracle and Troglodon make their way into the Lizardmen Grand Host ranks.

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

If you read my last post then you will recall that I participated in a 2,500 point Warhammer Tournament last weekend… I was fortunate enough to walk away with Best Painted Honors and played in 3 awesome games. It really sparked the fire for me, and because of all the hype surrounding Fantasy gaming in the Midwest area, my brother HornedRatRob, has taken it upon himself to start running more frequent tournaments at Hero Complex, which is in Wichita, Kansas. Head on over to his page and find out how we’ve come up with a unique ranking system that rewards players for the amount of tournaments they participate in, types of awards won, and even if you get First Blood in a game! It’s a circuit system that has been dubbed “Wheat Shocker Warhammer Tournament Series” and will run for 6 months at a time. Currently, there’s a tournament scheduled every month so if you’re in the Midwest Region, please feel free to come join us in some awesome gaming opportunities as well as your chance to win some cool S.W.A.G. and ultimately, the “Wheat Shocker Warlord” trophy. Here’s a link to his page with all the information you need to get involved.

…anyways. I found myself in the tournament at the last minute and because I’d hardly dedicated any time to the Lizardmen and their new book I put myself in a rather uncomfortable situation. Because I was unfamiliar with some of the new rules and had neglected to put together the new Bastilodon and Troglodon models that I have I was forced to play with a list from the old codex and, needless to say, I didn’t take advantage of some of the cool things that the Lizardmen now have at their disposal. I was able to go 0-1-2 with my list, but it definitely spurred me to do something about it… and that has brought me to this guy… I’m pleased to bring you this Skink Oracle and his faithful Troglodon (names coming soon!), in all their painted glory!



I must say that I am absolutely impressed with these newer sculpts from Games Workshop. When I first began playing 14 years ago the sculpts were nowhere near this type of detail… nor did they take the amount of time to simply put something like this together. GW has gone leaps and bounds ahead of where they once were and I definitely tip my hat to their sculptors, I was truly amazed by the amount of detail that went into this model. Here’s some more views:




I decided to paint the Skink Oracle a strikingly different color than the Troglodon, in order for him to stand out more against the bright colors. I highlighted the red all the way out to orange to give him that little extra bit of pop. And then decided to make his scales blue, just like the Trog he’s riding. Here’s the Skink Oracle up close:



Overall I’m very pleased with how this model turned out. If you’ve ever seen my army up close you’ll notice one of the things that really attracted me to Lizardmen was the amount of different colors you can use on any of the models. Most of my units are all bright colors, and none really close to the others. It really gives the sense of how wild the Jungles of Lustria are, and really brings home the true nature of Lizardmen, in my opinion. I think the bone scales really help the purple skin tone stand out and the red Skink Oracle clashes even more, giving a bright illusion. I am really impressed with both the model itself and how the paint job turned out.



Next up is the Bastilodon! He’s the last model I need to paint in order to have the Lizardmen up and running again. I plan on including another Skink Priest in my new list so I’ll have to add one of those, and maybe another Scar-Veteran on foot. Check back soon, more to come and, as always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “The Original Spawning: Skink Oracle and Troglodon make their way into the Lizardmen Grand Host ranks.

    • Thank you for the comment! I don’t have huge plans for the base, I mainly just want to tie it in with the rest of the army so that it looks like one big, cohesive unit. I’ll finish that up this weekend…

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