40K Chronicles: Deathwing Squad Nike Complete!

Used without permission.

I finally made it into the local Games Workshop here in Oklahoma City this past weekend to visit my friend playing a pickup Fantasy game… While I was there I found out just how far out of the loop I was on new models, paints, and much more since I’ve been out of the scene for a while… As I was perusing the many boxed sets and blisters, I came across a flyer for a Warhammer 40k Escalation League…. On the bottom of the flyer it read “This escalation league is to get people playing again, dusting off an old army that you never finished, or to simply start something new…” And that spurred me into getting the dust off the ole’ Deathwing army and get to painting them. So this will serve as a resurrection post for my 40k Deathwing army and bring it all back to life!

The basic format for the Escalation league is 750 points for the month of January, 1,250 for February, 1,750 for March, 2,000 for April and 2,500 points for the league finale in May. I have a little over 2,000 points in my Deathwing army and could add another Dreadnought or a 5-man squad in order to beef it up to 2,500 points… we’ll see when the time comes. Basic points are earned by playing up to 3 games per month (at 1 point per game) and also entering your painted units/models in the local painting contest. 1 point for entering the model and another point if you manage to win the painting contest that month. Again, the entire purpose is to get people excited about playing and to be honest I could use the tune-up for 40k again, since I haven’t played it in years and am unfamiliar with the rule set…

If you’ve seen my previous 40k posts then you’ll know that I got started on this army a little over a year ago and had good progress at the time. I finished 2 five man squads and both Belial as well as a Chaplain. In addition, I finished a Dreadnought. However, the dreadnought was lost during my relocation to OKC and so I’ve had to acquire another and add him to the list of things that need to be painted. But before getting to the dreadnought, I decided to knock out another unit of Deathwing Terminators – Deathwing Squad Nike!

Deathwing Squad Nike.

Deathwing Squad Nike.

I have the kneeling model that was originally released with the Space Hulk re-release a few years ago and added him to this squad. I also have the other Terminator holding the Tyranid head in another squad – Squad Barrage… I like the extra character these models bring to the army since they are not like the others. It helps to make it stand out a little bit more. Here’s a couple more pics:



And here’s a couple more of the rest of the unit. Lookin’ forward to finishing off this army since I’ve had it sitting for so long. I’m thinking I’ll work on either the Dreadnought Horatio or one of the Land Raiders next… Also need to squeeze in the Bastilodon when I can. Lots to do so I better get back to it!



Lastly, for those of you keeping track, here’s what’s left to paint to complete my Deathwing army:

– Deathwing Grandmaster Belial

– Chaplain Cassius in Terminator Armor

– Librarian Targaryus in Terminator Armor

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Infernus)

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Barrage)

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Nike)

– 5 man Terminator Squad (Nixxus)

1 Dreadnought (Horatio)

– 1 Dreadnought (Horatio – New!)

– Land Raider Crusader

– Land Raider Crusader


4 thoughts on “40K Chronicles: Deathwing Squad Nike Complete!

    • Thanks! I’ve been meaning to get this army done for some time now… and now that I have the incentive of an escalation league I’m going to knock it out as soon as I can. Thanks for viewing my blog!

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