The Original Spawning: Bastilodon and Skink crew Complete!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

After participating in the Slobberknocker GT a couple of weekends ago it occurred to me how valuable the Bastilodon can be to the Lizardmen army. Giving the extra +1 Initiative to my Saurus Warriors as well as having a pretty decent Bound spell from the Beam of Chotec on top really makes it a great model to have in the army… I didn’t have it painted for the Slobberknocker and found how much it can be missed. So I decided to get it all painted up and ready to go for the next tournament in the Wheat Shocker series: The Spring Bloodbath! Here’s some of the first pics of my completed Bastilodon and crew:



I really enjoyed painting this model and it is actually one of my favorites in the Lizardmen army. I remember when I first seen the new artwork for the Lizardmen book and I seen this model I was instantly hooked. It reminds me of an armored tank that can take a beating and dish one out as well. I decided to paint the scales in a dark gray color and then make it really offset with a bright orange accompanied by some orange spots that decorate all of the scales all the way around. My wife said about it: “It looks like he has stars on his back… This is one of my favorite models you’ve ever painted!” I thought that was cool of her to say, and she didn’t make the mistake of saying “It’s cute!” so that was definitely a bullet dodged… I opted to paint the skink crew in a bright blue to clash against the dark color of the scales and I think it really helps em pop out against the model.





This now makes my army about 95% complete. For some reason I can’t stop adding to the army and I’ve just recently added 3 Ripperdactyls… which should be the last models that are painted for the Lizardmen. Once they’re done, my army will be completely finished. I was undecided on the color of the Solar Engine when I got to it… I originally painted it blue but didn’t really like the way it was looking against the rest of the model so I decided to go with a yellow that brightens out towards the edges. In the book, it describes it as a very bright light that literally burns the Lizardmens’ foes to death. So I thought the brighter the better on the Solar Engine. In the end, as you can tell, I went with a yellow that fades out to white, which is the hottest color that fire can get… Here’s a couple more pics of the Bastilodon and the Solar Engine:



Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to get him out on the field and see how he does. He’ll make his tournament debut at the end of this month when I participate in the Spring Bloodbath in Wichita, Kansas. More to come soon!


5 thoughts on “The Original Spawning: Bastilodon and Skink crew Complete!

  1. That’s some really nice work. I like how bright the lizardmen are. The Dwarfs will just have to wait a little longer. 🙂

    Do you tend to paint the underbelly before gluing the model to the base? He might stand tall enough to get the brush under there, but I have had some issues in the past of trying to paint the bottom parts of models after being glued, and it being a pretty tight fit for my brush.

    • Hey thanks Flames! Yea, that was my main driver in playing Lizardmen: the vibrant color choices you can use… My army really stands out with lots of bright colors.

      I usually will paint the model before I glue it if I’m going to paint the underbelly. This particular model I decided to forego painting the underbelly… though I may have to rethink that in the future. I think it looks good as is.

  2. That looks fantastic. The whole piece works beautifully but the greatest achievement is surely the yellow gem. Yellow is so hard to get right but this looks lovely. Great painting.

    • Thanks, Argentbadger! I’m glad I went with yellow, too… I started with blue and it just wasn’t working for me. The thing about yellow is that I always use a black undercoat so it usually means I have to paint on 3 or 4 different coats before it really sets in. Takes some time but the outcome is worth it. Thanks for the compliment!

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