New Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums now open!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

So there is a tournament upcoming this Saturday, April 26th in Wichita, Kansas that I plan on attending. I’ve been fine tuning my Lizardmen for one last go in a tournament and believe I have a great list now. I’ve done some painting on various models that I want to include into my 2,500 point list and will have another update tonight on those models (Spoiler alert: Ripperdactyls!). But first, since we’ve gained a lot of momentum in the last few months on the tabletop gaming scene we thought it’d be a good idea to create our own forums in order to get all local gaming groups to better communicate with each other. It’s still in it’s infancy stages so the forum is brand new, but if you’re local to the Midwest then please take the time to sign up and let’s continue to build off of the momentum we’ve created and get bigger and better things here in the Midwest. So far, we’ve built great relationships with the guys in OKC (their forums are, hit it up!) and some players in Kansas City and even as far our as Denver. The ultimate goal here is to get everybody talking and have another great GT beside the Slobberknocker GT here in OKC so that we can really show the rest of the country that the Midwest has it’s very own set of talented and hardcore tabletop gamers.

Please spread the word, get people excited, and let’s continue on with the tournament series. Use the forums to communicate all kinds of things from new pics of upcoming models to your own tournament announcements that are in the area. Visit the new Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums at and sign up as soon as you can and let’s get the dialogue started! Now’s the time to strike! The iron is hot!

More pics to come tonight on my finished Ripperdactyls and my whole army I’m taking to this weekends tournament! As always, thanks for reading!


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