The Midwest Gaming Alliance blog and forums now live!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

First of all I want to thank all of the people that have followed my blog over the last couple of years. I’ve had lots of fun keeping it updated with exciting new paint projects, tournament report outs, and much, much more. But now the time has come to change things up a bit… My bro Hornedratrob and I have decided to merge our blogs together in an attempt to get more traffic going into a single, central location for all things Midwest gaming. If you have enjoyed following my blog then please visit the new website and follow that one from now on. It’s going to be an exact replica of all the things I’ve been doing here; Painting logs, Gaming articles, Tournament Report Outs, and much, much more. The only difference now is that my brother and I will both run the blog and we will both be contributors… So you’ll get to see twice the posts as before, with 2 different angles when it comes to the hobby. So, if you would, please visit the website and follow us there from now on. I’ll keep this blog active but I’ll no longer be doing updates from it. Here’s the link to our new Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog:

Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog –

And please come be apart of our new forums as well:

Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums –

Thank you again to everybody and make sure to come follow us over at the new website. There’s plenty more to come as the gaming scene has really taken off over the last few months so now is the best time to get on board. Sign up on the forums and let’s get the conversations started. A Grand Tournament will be in place about a year from now. Now’s the time to strike! The iron is hot! Lookin’ forward to many great things in the near future. Thank you again and as always, thanks for reading!


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