Midwest Gaming Alliance is the new place to go!

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Used without permission.

If you’re still following this blog please take the time to follow our new, combined blog: The Midwest Gaming Alliance. My brother and I have joined our blogs together in order to have a central location for all things tabletop and the Midwest Gaming Alliance. We have forums and frequent WHFB tournaments. If you’re in the area, please follow our new blog and make sure to try and stop by to get in some quality gaming. Here’s the link and please follow us on the new blog! Thanks for reading, everybody!


The Green Tide: O&G Army on the rise!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Just wanted to remind everybody again about the merging of our 2 blogs – Horned Rat Rob and The Jungles of Lustria – into one central location for all of the things that we’re covering, and it’s now called The Midwest Gaming Alliance. I’ve been posting about my Orcs & Goblins army the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so there so please follow this link and check it out. My bro and I both make posts and have made it the home for the Wheat Shocker Tournament Series (next tournament is in Wichita, Kansas on June 14th). If you’ve enjoyed following this blog, please move on over to our new blog and follow there. You can expect the same great things I’ve been putting out here for the last 2 years except now there is another contributor, my brother Horned Rat Rob.

My latest addition is a custom made Mangler Squig (WIP). Nearly done with him, just need to add a few details like some drool from the mouth and maybe some scratches here and there. Make sure to visit the new blog for all the information as well as additional pictures. Here’s where I am so far, thanks for reading!



The Midwest Gaming Alliance blog and forums now live!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

First of all I want to thank all of the people that have followed my blog over the last couple of years. I’ve had lots of fun keeping it updated with exciting new paint projects, tournament report outs, and much, much more. But now the time has come to change things up a bit… My bro Hornedratrob and I have decided to merge our blogs together in an attempt to get more traffic going into a single, central location for all things Midwest gaming. If you have enjoyed following my blog then please visit the new website and follow that one from now on. It’s going to be an exact replica of all the things I’ve been doing here; Painting logs, Gaming articles, Tournament Report Outs, and much, much more. The only difference now is that my brother and I will both run the blog and we will both be contributors… So you’ll get to see twice the posts as before, with 2 different angles when it comes to the hobby. So, if you would, please visit the website and follow us there from now on. I’ll keep this blog active but I’ll no longer be doing updates from it. Here’s the link to our new Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog:

Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog – http://mwgamingalliance.wordpress.com

And please come be apart of our new forums as well:

Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums – http://mwgamingalliance.boards.net

Thank you again to everybody and make sure to come follow us over at the new website. There’s plenty more to come as the gaming scene has really taken off over the last few months so now is the best time to get on board. Sign up on the forums and let’s get the conversations started. A Grand Tournament will be in place about a year from now. Now’s the time to strike! The iron is hot! Lookin’ forward to many great things in the near future. Thank you again and as always, thanks for reading!

New Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums now open!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

So there is a tournament upcoming this Saturday, April 26th in Wichita, Kansas that I plan on attending. I’ve been fine tuning my Lizardmen for one last go in a tournament and believe I have a great list now. I’ve done some painting on various models that I want to include into my 2,500 point list and will have another update tonight on those models (Spoiler alert: Ripperdactyls!). But first, since we’ve gained a lot of momentum in the last few months on the tabletop gaming scene we thought it’d be a good idea to create our own forums in order to get all local gaming groups to better communicate with each other. It’s still in it’s infancy stages so the forum is brand new, but if you’re local to the Midwest then please take the time to sign up and let’s continue to build off of the momentum we’ve created and get bigger and better things here in the Midwest. So far, we’ve built great relationships with the guys in OKC (their forums are grimdark.org/forums, hit it up!) and some players in Kansas City and even as far our as Denver. The ultimate goal here is to get everybody talking and have another great GT beside the Slobberknocker GT here in OKC so that we can really show the rest of the country that the Midwest has it’s very own set of talented and hardcore tabletop gamers.

Please spread the word, get people excited, and let’s continue on with the tournament series. Use the forums to communicate all kinds of things from new pics of upcoming models to your own tournament announcements that are in the area. Visit the new Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums at http://mwgamingalliance.boards.net and sign up as soon as you can and let’s get the dialogue started! Now’s the time to strike! The iron is hot!

More pics to come tonight on my finished Ripperdactyls and my whole army I’m taking to this weekends tournament! As always, thanks for reading!

Slobberknocker Grand Tournament Report Out!

indexThe weekend of the Slobberknocker GT has come and gone… and it was an excellent tournament throughout. It’s always great to see the local scene be able to put on such a good tournament and attract a lot of new players (and new armies) and to make our presence known on the Midwest gaming scene. Stephen McElroy (along with the many others that helped him out) put on a great tournament and help to set the stage for future Slobberknocker GTs. There were 32 players total and covered regions from OKC, Wichita, and a few guys made it from as far away as Denver, Colorado. Contact information was exchanged and it looks like we have now built up enough momentum to make the Midwest a prominent gaming area. The guys from Denver – appropriately named “Droppin’ Deuces” – have a good scene up there and we are all going to try to get in sync in order to hold more local tournaments as well as support each other as much as we can. As far as the attempt to generate more interest in the gaming scene, and tabletop gaming in general, I believe the weekend was an immaculate success.

My 2,500 point Lizardmen army for Slobberknocker GT.

My 2,500 point Lizardmen army for Slobberknocker GT.

I was slated to make the Dwarfs give their first appearance on the gaming table but at the last minute decided to change it up and got the approval from the T.O. to do so. My Dwarfs were not all the way put together and I still hadn’t even played a game with them so I opted to bring the Lizards out of retirement. I made a couple of changes to the list but still managed to put together a good showing. My 3 games on the first day were Daemons of Chaos, Vampire Counts, and Empire… I got obliterated by the Daemons of Chaos – and eventual Overall Champion of the tournament – and was able to bounce back with impressive wins against the VC and Empire. So after day 1 my Lizards were 2-1. Sunday came and I was against another Lizardmen player and finally a Warriors of Chaos army. Was able to put together back to back Draws against each one of them and had some pretty good Bonus Points in the last game so I finished out 2-1-2. For my efforts I ended up 7th place overall which came as a surprise to me but was very pleased that I managed to pull that off. For our entire B.A.W.G.S. gaming group, we managed to put 5 guys in the top 11 slots, which is a great showing! Rob and his Skaven army ended up 4-0-1 and pulled out 2nd place Overall Champion and walked away with some great SWAG.

photo 9

Squaring off against some Beasts of Nurgle!

photo 11

BSB Qett’l Korn prepares to charge some Empire Knights!

The Slobberknocker GT took place in the lobby area of a local Sheraton hotel located in Midwest City, OK. The venue was very nice, large and spacious and offered all the essentials right within walking distance (bathroom, water fountains, outside for the smokers…) They even had a small snack bar set up on Day 1 that offered the basics if you need something quick to snack on. The bar, however, didn’t open until 2:00 PM on Sunday and it was a decent walk if you wanted to grab a beer or cocktail.  Situated right on a busy intersection in Midwest City, there were plenty of options to get lunch during break as there are several restaurants nearby. I thought the venue was excellent and offered all that was required for a GT. Well done!

The following is a list of Pro’s and Con’s that I make for each and every Grand Tournament that I attend, here we go! First, the Con’s:

Late Start. This one was not nearly as bad as some GTs I’ve been to… Not as bad by a LONG SHOT! I understand that these GTs take lots of time for preparation, print outs, recording results, etc, etc, etc…. and then there are things that are simply out of your control, such as players showing up late, computer shuts down unexpectedly, etc, etc… so this is not that big of a deal at all. The first day there was a slight late start but we were able to get back on track and the rest of the day went smooth. Same thing with Sunday. To me, this one is a given at most GTs I’ve attended simply because of the volume of things that you’re having to deal with so again, it’s not huge. The ones that I’ve had real beef with were ones that lagged beyond 30 minutes and higher… Definitely not fun but the Slobberknocker was run pretty smoothly despite the short delay on Day 1.

No Sportsmanship Award. There were several awards given out at the end and the prize support was amazing. However, one thing that I’ve always thought go hand in hand with this game is the sportsmanship between 2 opponents. This is more of a knock on Games Workshop than the Slobberknocker because I believe the T.O. was going off recent trends but the Sportsmanship award is slowly going the way of the dodo… The scoring for Sportsmanship was a simple Pass or Fail on the bottom of each of the score sheets. In the past, there were always about 3-5 options for the level of sportsmanship that your opponent displayed during the game and that added up to an overall Best Sportsman award during the Awards Ceremony…. but now, it seems to be the norm that Sportsmanship is not as big a deal as it once was. As stated, you got the option to either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down for sportsmanship and if you gave a thumbs down they asked you to explain why. There was no Sportsmanship Award given in the end, so they used the numbers somewhere in the overall formula for something, though I’m not sure what exactly. I thought there would be something given out for Best Sportsman but it was not to be… so that’s really my one gripe for the Slobberknocker, though I think this trend will sadly make its way through the rest of the gaming scene across the country in years to come…

photo 7

Now, on to the many Pro’s:

– Scenarios. The scenarios were different enough to provide a great challenge to the generals. I think it’s standard ops that at least one scenario is a straight up “kill each other” and then there’s some others to throw some monkey wrenches in the plan and these were all on par in my opinion. It made some games end up differently than they normally would because of certain bonus VP’s awarded for various things that are not normally awarded and I’m 100% ok with that. I thought the kinks in each scenario provided plenty of change from the norm and that made for some excellent games.

– Prize Support. Throughout the tournament Stephen McElroy – the T.O. – stated over and over again that they would not be keeping any money at all and were planning on handing it all back to the players and they absolutely did! First Place Overall Champion basically got about $400 worth of Chaos stuff, 2nd Place got about $250, and 3rd place got a little over $100. They gave awards for Best Unit, Best Monster, and Best Single Model and each of them had prize support as well. Every single award that they gave out was accompanied by prize support and that’s a thing of beauty at a huge tournament. Also, first place was given an awesome Slobberknocker GT 2014 Belt in addition to all the SWAG! I was very happy to see the guys at Slobberknocker GT gave back all the money they brought in… I think it always gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to guys that are giving up $60 to play in a tournament. Definitely pleased with the prize support.

photo 3

1st Place Overall prize support.

photo 2

2nd Place Overall prize support.

photo 5

– Raffle. On both days the T.O. took a few minutes to give out a total of 10 Raffle items. Upon checking in you were given an envelope that had your Raffle number. If your number was called during the raffle then you won something! That simple! 5 on day 1 and 5 on day 2. It’s always nice to win some free stuff and this did the job. The items ranged anywhere from a simple blister to paint sets.

– S.W.A.G. when checking in. Also upon checking into the Slobberknocker GT, you were given a folder that contained all paperwork necessary throughout the entire weekend. They had the scenarios, the score sheets, and even printouts of the Lores of Magic for quick reference. This was yours to keep at the end of the tournament. Also, we got the option of picking out either a blue or green water bottle to take home and use for the weekend. Lastly, there was a small bag that had 6 random dice in it and 3 custom poker chips that were used for Scenario 2 and yours to keep in the end also. Even if you didn’t win an award, you were able to walk out with something just by signing up which is awesome!

Overall I would give two big thumbs up to Stephen and the other organizers of the Slobberknocker GT. This was the first year they held it and it’s sure to only get better from here. Having 32 players is an excellent start and I don’t think lots of people know this, but it was held on the exact same weekend as the Lonewolf GT in Dallas, Texas, which is one of the bigger Fantasy GT’s in the country. So they were competing for players from that tournament as well. Still, having 32 for the first tournament is an excellent turnout and I think it will only grow from here. We’ve now gotten in cahoots with each other and Wichita and OKC have something great going as long as we continue to support each other. Having been to several Major GT’s across the country I can honestly say that the Slobberknocker GT ranks up at the top and I’m very much looking forward to see what happens in the future.

I’m glad I got to play and give the Lizards one last go. They’ll now take their place on the display shelf and make way for the Dwarfs and some other projects. April 26th is the next tournament in Wichita, Kansas and the Dwarfs will make it to that one, for sure! Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everybody that made the long trek from Denver. Great things are coming! Let’s continue to get the Midwest Region on the map and do big thangs! As always, thanks for reading!

2,500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Hero Complex – Wichita, Kansas. (Results… Spoiler alert: I win something!)

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Just 10 days into the new year and I can already cross one thing off of the resolutions list… I plan to make it to a couple of local tournaments throughout the year and I was able to do that this past Saturday, January 10th and Hero Complex located in Wichita, Kansas. A good buddy of mine and I made the 2 hour road trip from OKC to Wichita and participated in the first tournament of the new year: a 2,500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. There were 3 custom scenarios… the first one required you to go for the opponent’s general and gave you extra bonus points for knocking him out of the game and so was aptly named “Kill the head of the snake”. The 2nd one was a Magic Flux where any doubles you rolled during the magic phase would be counted as Irresistible Force (and a miscast) based on the turn you were in (so in turn 2, if you rolled double 6’s or double 2’s it would be a miscast). The third and final scenario was a “Last Stand” scenario. Any unit could use a Last Stand command where they would automatically pass any and all Ld tests they were required to make. All great scenarios and even though we only had 8 people show up it showed great potential for the Fantasy gaming front. There was plenty of excitement and lots of people in the shop playing other games that got some good shots of us playing, hopefully bringing them closer to giving it a try.

photo (4)

Some action from Saturday.

My first game was against a great friend of mine, Chris McArthur, and his Tomb Kings army. It was hard fought and we got through 4 turns but time ran out on us and we ended up with a draw. My second game was against a new Fantasy player that also made a 2 hour trip named Matt that was playing Skaven. Being new to the game he was having some trouble knowing what all units / characters did what but I was more than willing to help him out, especially since he came out and is very interested in making it to regular tournaments! There was one point in which his Hellpit Abomination did some damage to my Saurus unit and the only thing that kept me around was the Steadfast rule… Hard fought again and ended up with a draw. Last game was against my other buddy Austin Murrey (who made the trip with me) against his beautifully painted Chaos Slaanesh army. In order to make it a draw the points difference had to be between 0 and 251 points… The total for Austin was 258 and one Chaos Warrior that held his own against a hailstorm of skink poisoned blowpipe darts ended up being the difference between a Minor Victory and a draw. So I walked out with a record of 0-1-2 but was still fortunate enough to have the coveted “Best Painted Army” award! I always enjoy winning and love to play the game but I love making my army look good so I enjoy it more when I’m able to win a painted award! The tounament went smooth and hopefully this is the spark that the fantasy front needs. 8 people this time with another tournament coming in February and if that number continues to rise and rise it will only be better. Playing in the tournament definitely made me think of the golden age from a few years ago when Fantasy was in its prime and we had a huge turnout of players every weekend. I’m very hopeful and and certain that we can get back to that point and I believe this tournament is a step in the right direction!

photo (3)

Squaring off against the Tomb Kings!

I had fun and always enjoy getting in 3 games a day and it helped even more to walk outta there with some s.w.a.g. Now I’m off to put together my Bastilidon and Trogolodon models (I didn’t get to use them yesterday because they’re still shrink-wrapped… I’ll have to remedy this…) to add and bolster my Lizardmen army then continue working on the Dwarfs and Deathwing. More updates coming soon. As always, thanks for reading!

photo (2)

Lizardmen take on Austin’s Chaos Slaanesh army.

Warhammer Quiz Results.

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Thanks to my buddy over at Flames of the Phoenix I came across a Warhammer Quiz that gives you some details on what army you’re most attracted to… FoTP posted it first so I followed his link after reading his results (Big surprise! He got High Elves as #1!) and decided to take the quiz and see what I came up with. If you’re interested, you can find the link to the quiz here, or just head on over to Flames’ page and follow his link. Here’s my results:

1. Lizardmen – 95%
2. Dwarfs – 80%
3. Ogre Kingdoms – 75%
4. Tomb Kings – 65%
5. Vampire Counts – 65%
6. The Empire – 60%
7. Hordes of Chaos – 55%
8. Beastmen – 50%
9. High Elves – 45%
10. Brettonia – 45%
11. Wood Elves – 35%
12. Chaos Dwarves – 35%
13. Dogs of War – 30%
14. Skaven – 30%
15. Orcs & Goblins – 25%
16. Dark Elves – 10%

As expected, Lizardmen are my #1 choice and the 2nd choice is very interesting in The Dwarfs… Reason being is that HornedRatRob and I just recently engaged in a trade in which I got his Dwarfs and he got my Beastmen… The Dwarfs were my very first army when I started playing almost 14 years ago and I’ve always wanted to go back to them. I think it’s just interesting how they wound up #2 on the list… and right after I just made a trade for them and plan on using them at the upcoming Lonewolf GT in Dallas, Texas. The Ogre Kingdoms threw me for a loop… I have never had any interest in playing OK so I must’ve answered some of the questions weirdly… Dark Elves in last place is so accurate it’s not even funny. Of all WHFB armies, I despise the Dark Elves most of all and would never consider making an army of DE. I guess in some aspects of the quiz it’s very accurate and others it may be kinda off… I would think O&G’s would be a little higher on the list… I do like that army. At any rate, I’d encourage you to take the quiz and see where you rank. It’s fun and will pass some time and may even turn you on to some armies that you didn’t even know you liked! Check it out and be looking for Dwarf updates in the very near future!