The Original Spawning: Ripperdactyls take flight!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

I feel like I’ve finally nailed down my “go to” list with my Lizardmen. After countless games and lots of model testing I think I’ve finally gotten a list that can compete against all comers and put up a good fight in tournament play. One of the units that I’ve play tested is the Ripperdactyls. They are a new inclusion in the latest edition of the Lizardmen book and man, can they pack a punch. To me, they’re like the Terradons on steroids… Frenzy, Armour Piercing, and Killing Blow? I’ll take that, and all for just 5 points more than a Terradon. I really like the new plastic models, too… My old Terradon models are the metal ones and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to repair them over the years so these plastic ones will do nicely.

photo 1

Anyways, I decided to add 3 Terradons to my 2,500 point list in order to be my war machine hunters / lone character killers. If you seen my Bastilodon that I painted a couple of weeks ago, then you may recognize some of the paint scheme I used on these guys. I really liked the orange look with the dots all around their markings and that’s what I went with on the Ripperdactyls. These models were very easy to assemble and don’t have a ton of details, which is fine with me. The skinks on top have the most detail and, believe it or not, that’s what took me the longest… Here’s some pics:

photo 7

photo 5

photo 10

Even though these guys are skirmishers I still decided to make a small movement tray for them. Makes it much easier to move around on the display board and easier to transport as well. I don’t think I’ll be able to use it in terms of gameplay but at least it’ll make it more practical to move it around as I’m changing tables during tournaments. I also like the small terrain pieces that came with the kits. I usually give GW a lot of crap (and rightfully so) but I have to hand it to them, they’re sculpting personnel have comes leaps and bounds further than where they were even 10 years ago.

photo 8

I decided to color the skinks blue to help them stand out against the black on the Ripperdactyls. They have green crests and scales which will help to make the stand out also. I like the dynamic poses of the models and even like that GW decided to give different length clear holding sticks… it helps to rank up the Ripperdactyls while I’m moving them around on the board.

photo 6

The models come with a Toad marker but I already had an old metal lizard that came with the Jungle Swarms from back in the day. I painted it up and added a jungle tree to make it stand out a little bit more. In gaming terms, this models is to be set on an enemy unit and gives the Ripperdactyls extra attacks if it ever ends up in combat with that unit. Went with a purple color to help it stand out against the rest of the models as well.

photo 2

So now this concludes all models for my 2,500 point Lizardmen army. I’m now done! Complete!! I have over 7,000 points of painted Lizardmen and I’m tired of painting this army. It’s time to move on to the next project. I still have to finish up my Deathwing army and then focus on Orcs & Goblins and Empire. Lots more to do over the next several months but I’m looking forward to finally closing the Lizardmen chapter of the book. I’ll take them to the tournament on Saturday and hopefully put up a good showing. I’ll definitely have a report out as well after the tournament to let everybody know how I did. Thanks a lot and please let me know what you think. Thanks!


The Original Spawning: Bastilodon and Skink crew Complete!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

After participating in the Slobberknocker GT a couple of weekends ago it occurred to me how valuable the Bastilodon can be to the Lizardmen army. Giving the extra +1 Initiative to my Saurus Warriors as well as having a pretty decent Bound spell from the Beam of Chotec on top really makes it a great model to have in the army… I didn’t have it painted for the Slobberknocker and found how much it can be missed. So I decided to get it all painted up and ready to go for the next tournament in the Wheat Shocker series: The Spring Bloodbath! Here’s some of the first pics of my completed Bastilodon and crew:



I really enjoyed painting this model and it is actually one of my favorites in the Lizardmen army. I remember when I first seen the new artwork for the Lizardmen book and I seen this model I was instantly hooked. It reminds me of an armored tank that can take a beating and dish one out as well. I decided to paint the scales in a dark gray color and then make it really offset with a bright orange accompanied by some orange spots that decorate all of the scales all the way around. My wife said about it: “It looks like he has stars on his back… This is one of my favorite models you’ve ever painted!” I thought that was cool of her to say, and she didn’t make the mistake of saying “It’s cute!” so that was definitely a bullet dodged… I opted to paint the skink crew in a bright blue to clash against the dark color of the scales and I think it really helps em pop out against the model.





This now makes my army about 95% complete. For some reason I can’t stop adding to the army and I’ve just recently added 3 Ripperdactyls… which should be the last models that are painted for the Lizardmen. Once they’re done, my army will be completely finished. I was undecided on the color of the Solar Engine when I got to it… I originally painted it blue but didn’t really like the way it was looking against the rest of the model so I decided to go with a yellow that brightens out towards the edges. In the book, it describes it as a very bright light that literally burns the Lizardmens’ foes to death. So I thought the brighter the better on the Solar Engine. In the end, as you can tell, I went with a yellow that fades out to white, which is the hottest color that fire can get… Here’s a couple more pics of the Bastilodon and the Solar Engine:



Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to get him out on the field and see how he does. He’ll make his tournament debut at the end of this month when I participate in the Spring Bloodbath in Wichita, Kansas. More to come soon!

The Original Spawning: Oldblood on Carnosaur Complete and Valentine’s Day Massacre Report Out!

funnydinoThis post is kinda late because I wanted to have this posted before this past Saturday’s Valentine’s Day Massacre, but I ran outta time so I’m going to make this both a post of my newest addition to my Lizardmen army and also include the details on the tournament that I participated in over the weekend. I’ll begin by saying I was very impressed with the outpouring of support we received from several different places across the Midwest. We had 7 guys come up from OKC, a couple from Manhattan, Kansas and even had a lone soldier come from Lawrence, Kansas… in total, we had 20 people and was one of the bigger (and better) tournaments to be had in Wichita in a long time. I really felt the nostalgia because we had so many new people in the building and it made for some excellent games and it definitely forged some new friendships (as well as friendly competition!)

So to start off with, I altered my list a few weeks ago and decided to run with dual Carnosaurs; 1 for the Battle Standard Bearer and 1 for the Oldblood (Thanks, new Lizardmen Army Book!) This means that the BSB range is now 18″ instead of 12″, since he’s mounted. And also, he’s riding a Carnosaur, which doesn’t suck…  I’ve always been a fan of a dinosaur list and like the idea of having all of the biggest things that the Lizardmen army book as to offer, so including yet another big dino – and a Carnosaur, at that – was simply too much for me to pass up. I don’t really like the new look of the plastic Carnosaur model… something about it that didn’t appeal to me… and if you recall, I used that model to assemble a Troglodon, anyways. However, lots of stuff was left over from the sprue so I happened to have a spare Carnosaur laying around (I like the metal model better, anyways) and took the Oldblood model, as well as some reins and the saddle and converted it so that he fits on old Carnosaur. Here’s some WIP from when I first started:


After getting it all converted I set out to getting it painted and opted to go with a green and brown color scheme. I think it stands out among the rest of my army because the colors are very striking and loud. So I think for the Oldblood it fit him perfectly. Here’s some more pics of the painted Oldblood and Carnosaur:




As for how things went during the tournament… well, I started out very well. It was a 3 game tournament and I started game 1 against an OKC gamer named Joe, and he had a Warriors of Chaos army. He did have Festus and some Nurgle Chaos Warriors, and it took me 1.5 units of Saurus to finally widdle ’em down. He did himself no favors as his Daemon Prince charged in but then miscast that same turn, sending him into the Warp. After that, all I had to do was clean house and it took all 6 turns but I was able to get a Massacre for the game. So a full 25 battle points. Game 2 was against another New World Order gamer name Mike, and he had a Vampire Counts army. I was worried at first because he had some ethereal creatures in his list and I have no magic weapons so I wasn’t going to be able to do any damage to him… And that is actually what happened. However, because my Oldblood is tough and hard to hit, I was able to kill him off because I kept winning combat resolution so it eventually killed them off. Otherwise, I would’ve been stuck in a combat I could not have won for the entirety of the game. In Turn 2, the Ancient Stegadon was able to destroy the Vampire Lord and thus started the undoing of the VC army, due to the crumbling rule. When he died, he took out a handful of other units in his wake, and that was the deciding factor of the game as well. All said and done, I got another Massacre and 23 Battle Points. Last game was against John Pike, who takes a pretty nasty High Elves army… We were both undefeated and the winner was going to take home the Beast Mode trophy… After some bad decisions by me and his taking advantage of those bad decisions, he was able to knock out my army pretty handily and all I had left were my 2 carnosaurs, a skink priest and my Terradons. It was Major Loss for me, so I ended up 2-1-0 and brought my 2014 record to 5-3-1, which isn’t bad.



I thought the tournament was excellent and was glad that we had such a good turnout. A lot of the guys that were in this tournament will also be participating in the Slobberknocker GT here in OKC next month, so you could say this tournament was a primer of sorts. There were tons of awesome armies there, and the Brettonia army that won Best Painted was by far one of the most immaculate armies I’ve ever seen. I think after this outing I’m going to finish up the Bastiladon and the Ripperdactyls then the Lizardmen will hit the shelves for a while. The Dwarfs book is now out and I’m ready to start playing with them and putting together a new list. I’ll continue to play the Lizards here and there because they are my “go to” army, but I’m going to focus on other projects going forward. My Deathwing is nearly complete so I’m sure I’ll get in some 40k games at some point as well…

Next up is the March Melee Madness Tournament at Hero Complex on March 15th, which will be the week before the Slobberknocker GT. So I’ll use that one to test out the Dwarfs list and get ready to go! Check back for other projects and report outs as we get into the thick of Tournament Season! As always, thanks for reading!

The Original Spawning: Skink Oracle and Troglodon make their way into the Lizardmen Grand Host ranks.

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

If you read my last post then you will recall that I participated in a 2,500 point Warhammer Tournament last weekend… I was fortunate enough to walk away with Best Painted Honors and played in 3 awesome games. It really sparked the fire for me, and because of all the hype surrounding Fantasy gaming in the Midwest area, my brother HornedRatRob, has taken it upon himself to start running more frequent tournaments at Hero Complex, which is in Wichita, Kansas. Head on over to his page and find out how we’ve come up with a unique ranking system that rewards players for the amount of tournaments they participate in, types of awards won, and even if you get First Blood in a game! It’s a circuit system that has been dubbed “Wheat Shocker Warhammer Tournament Series” and will run for 6 months at a time. Currently, there’s a tournament scheduled every month so if you’re in the Midwest Region, please feel free to come join us in some awesome gaming opportunities as well as your chance to win some cool S.W.A.G. and ultimately, the “Wheat Shocker Warlord” trophy. Here’s a link to his page with all the information you need to get involved.

…anyways. I found myself in the tournament at the last minute and because I’d hardly dedicated any time to the Lizardmen and their new book I put myself in a rather uncomfortable situation. Because I was unfamiliar with some of the new rules and had neglected to put together the new Bastilodon and Troglodon models that I have I was forced to play with a list from the old codex and, needless to say, I didn’t take advantage of some of the cool things that the Lizardmen now have at their disposal. I was able to go 0-1-2 with my list, but it definitely spurred me to do something about it… and that has brought me to this guy… I’m pleased to bring you this Skink Oracle and his faithful Troglodon (names coming soon!), in all their painted glory!



I must say that I am absolutely impressed with these newer sculpts from Games Workshop. When I first began playing 14 years ago the sculpts were nowhere near this type of detail… nor did they take the amount of time to simply put something like this together. GW has gone leaps and bounds ahead of where they once were and I definitely tip my hat to their sculptors, I was truly amazed by the amount of detail that went into this model. Here’s some more views:




I decided to paint the Skink Oracle a strikingly different color than the Troglodon, in order for him to stand out more against the bright colors. I highlighted the red all the way out to orange to give him that little extra bit of pop. And then decided to make his scales blue, just like the Trog he’s riding. Here’s the Skink Oracle up close:



Overall I’m very pleased with how this model turned out. If you’ve ever seen my army up close you’ll notice one of the things that really attracted me to Lizardmen was the amount of different colors you can use on any of the models. Most of my units are all bright colors, and none really close to the others. It really gives the sense of how wild the Jungles of Lustria are, and really brings home the true nature of Lizardmen, in my opinion. I think the bone scales really help the purple skin tone stand out and the red Skink Oracle clashes even more, giving a bright illusion. I am really impressed with both the model itself and how the paint job turned out.



Next up is the Bastilodon! He’s the last model I need to paint in order to have the Lizardmen up and running again. I plan on including another Skink Priest in my new list so I’ll have to add one of those, and maybe another Scar-Veteran on foot. Check back soon, more to come and, as always, thanks for reading!

The Grand Host of Revered Slann-Mage Priest Xalana’qay – (re)Finished!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

You ever have the urge to get up in the middle of the night about 3:45 AM and decide to start working on your unfinished army…? Well that’s exactly what happened to me this morning. After not feeling so well the last few days as well as re-adjusting to West Coast time, my body just wasn’t feeling it… but this morning, I woke up in the wee hours of the night wide awake, and since I decided there was no way I was gonna fall back asleep, off to work I headed. If you read my last post about the TSHFT Open being cancelled, then you remember me saying I was going to have to re-assemble my army in a day or two in order to play in the tournament this weekend. Well it turns out it was cancelled, but I still had plans to work on my Lizardmen anyways… If you recall, my army got simply trashed on the move back from Maryland over the summer… I hadn’t actually taken it out to assess the damage because 1.) I really haven’t had the proper time and, 2.) I was scared to see what kind of condition it was going to be in. The moving company simply obliterated it… Things were bent, some were broken, and some things trashed entirely… Below is just a sampling of what I pulled out when I finally opened the case (notice the Terradons in complete pieces…)


So, I upgraded the carrying case this morning and got everything it’s own cutout in 2 separate Army Transports… So now all 5,000ish points of Lizardmen fits nicely into 2 carrying cases. I set about gluing, cutting, re-cutting, gluing some more, and throwing some things away… It took a few hours but I’m happy to report that the entire army has been fixed and is now ready to go, at least for the most part. What some of these pictures don’t show is how beat up some of the details are on some of the models. Some have big chips that I need to go back over but will set to doing that shortly. Today’s goal was to just get it all put back together. Here’s a couple more pics:




I found that I need to finish up one last movement tray (you’ll notice it on the Temple Guard) and I have an unopened Scar-Veteran model that needs to be painted as well. So I’m about 98% complete with this army, minus the touch-ups. Here’s the last of the finished army:



After getting everything back in order I started working on my Beastmen and took stock of what kind of condition it’s in as well. There appears to be about 2,200 points of models available and nothing yet painted. So, with this in mind,  this army will be next to paint once I finish up the other 2% of my Lizardmen. There is one other thing I’d like to do, though, specifically for the West Coast Hammertime GT, and that’s re-do my display board to have some real water effects. This will be the first thing and likely take place this weekend so check back for that. It’ll be my first time trying out water effects but I’m confident I can pull it off. Stay tuned, check back, and as always, thanks for reading.

Another Saurus WIP Unit Filler.

I’ve had to up my saurus warrior unit to 40 strong and I only bought one box of Saurus Warriors. Since there are only 16 models in the boxed set I decided to be resourceful and create another unit filler. If I had to buy another box of Saurus Warriors I would have only used 1 of the Saurus and would have had 15 of ’em sitting around. So, I came up with the idea of having a small stone / temple / arcane thingy… Not really sure what you call it but it seems like it would be covered in vines and moss since it’s hidden deep within the Jungles of Lustria. So I sculpted some vines out of green stuff and literally wrapped up the stone and then painted up a single Saurus Warrior. I had a lizard laying around and so through that on the base as well. I plan on sculpting some leaves onto the vines to make it stand out more and go along with the theme that I have going with my entire army. I also need to add the shield to this guy. So, once I have the entire unit painted up (I need to paint 9 more) I’ll post them along with this unit filler. For now, here’s how the filler is coming along so far. Nearly done! Enjoy!

Skink Skirmisher Movement Trays – Start to Finish!

The cardboard I used as the "filler".

I have had a little bit of time on my hands lately since my wife has been outta town… so I’ve tried to get in as much painting / converting as possible. After putting together my final list (hopefully!) I started to work on what’s left to paint in order to have that list completely painted for the upcoming Lonewolf GT and Throne of Skulls Tournament. First up was the skinks (both Chameleon and regular). In this newest edition, skirmishers need to maintain a 1″ gap between each other to represent their loose formation. I have, in the past, just kept this guys with no movement tray and have moved them one by one. I figured that since the rest of my army is on movement trays this would be a good opportunity to make these guys some movement trays as well, however, the difference between my skirmishers and my regular infantry units is the overall coverage of flock on the bases/movement trays. Since there is supposed to be that 1″ gap I went to work on filling it in so that it’s not so noticeable on the battlefield. I found a thick piece of cardboard(ish) stuff laying around and figured it would work.

So, at first, I made the movement trays out of plywood and used some sheet metal for the magnet portion. I then took a skink base and started marking where each of these guys would be on the movement tray. So I set to work on marking it up and getting it where I wanted it. I then cut squares about the perfect size of a small base into the cardboard and glued it into place, placing washers and magnets in those cut out squares.

Makin' sure they fit.

The skinks fit perfectly in it and it would help with moving around on the battlefield. I also did a smaller one for the Chameleon Skinks that only holds 6 models. I will use these guys in my 2K list so I wanted to get them primed and ready to go. I went about the same way on constructing their movement tray. And below is how they turned out…

After assembling the movement trays and ensuring that the skinks would fit into them came the flocking / painting stage. Again, because of the 1″ gap, I wanted to put more flock into those open areas so that it would fit in with the overall theme that I have with my army. I also (for whatever reason) wanted to have more water show on the skirmishers bases so I did about a half and half look on the trays. Here’s what we got so far…

So the trays are flocked and I’ve allowed them to sit and dry for a minute so then next came the priming / painting stage. As you may know, I have a water theme going on with my army. Every base in my army has some type of water on it and these movement trays would be no exception. I really like the idea of the half and half theme on these trays. I’m not sure but it just feels like the “scouts” of the army would use a sneaky tactic like submerging in water to get close to the enemy for surveillance. That’s what I was thinking when I decided to paint it these ways. Kinda makes sense…. So anyways, I set to painting them up, got them where I wanted and then bam! Done! I put the skinks on their newly modeled / painted movement trays and I think they turned out well. Also, since I have a metal case I put a few strips of magnet on the bottom of the trays so that they stay in place and, therefore, are not that susceptible to being broken during transit. Here’s the final results. Enjoy and thanks for checking it out!