The Original Spawning: Ripperdactyls take flight!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

I feel like I’ve finally nailed down my “go to” list with my Lizardmen. After countless games and lots of model testing I think I’ve finally gotten a list that can compete against all comers and put up a good fight in tournament play. One of the units that I’ve play tested is the Ripperdactyls. They are a new inclusion in the latest edition of the Lizardmen book and man, can they pack a punch. To me, they’re like the Terradons on steroids… Frenzy, Armour Piercing, and Killing Blow? I’ll take that, and all for just 5 points more than a Terradon. I really like the new plastic models, too… My old Terradon models are the metal ones and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to repair them over the years so these plastic ones will do nicely.

photo 1

Anyways, I decided to add 3 Terradons to my 2,500 point list in order to be my war machine hunters / lone character killers. If you seen my Bastilodon that I painted a couple of weeks ago, then you may recognize some of the paint scheme I used on these guys. I really liked the orange look with the dots all around their markings and that’s what I went with on the Ripperdactyls. These models were very easy to assemble and don’t have a ton of details, which is fine with me. The skinks on top have the most detail and, believe it or not, that’s what took me the longest… Here’s some pics:

photo 7

photo 5

photo 10

Even though these guys are skirmishers I still decided to make a small movement tray for them. Makes it much easier to move around on the display board and easier to transport as well. I don’t think I’ll be able to use it in terms of gameplay but at least it’ll make it more practical to move it around as I’m changing tables during tournaments. I also like the small terrain pieces that came with the kits. I usually give GW a lot of crap (and rightfully so) but I have to hand it to them, they’re sculpting personnel have comes leaps and bounds further than where they were even 10 years ago.

photo 8

I decided to color the skinks blue to help them stand out against the black on the Ripperdactyls. They have green crests and scales which will help to make the stand out also. I like the dynamic poses of the models and even like that GW decided to give different length clear holding sticks… it helps to rank up the Ripperdactyls while I’m moving them around on the board.

photo 6

The models come with a Toad marker but I already had an old metal lizard that came with the Jungle Swarms from back in the day. I painted it up and added a jungle tree to make it stand out a little bit more. In gaming terms, this models is to be set on an enemy unit and gives the Ripperdactyls extra attacks if it ever ends up in combat with that unit. Went with a purple color to help it stand out against the rest of the models as well.

photo 2

So now this concludes all models for my 2,500 point Lizardmen army. I’m now done! Complete!! I have over 7,000 points of painted Lizardmen and I’m tired of painting this army. It’s time to move on to the next project. I still have to finish up my Deathwing army and then focus on Orcs & Goblins and Empire. Lots more to do over the next several months but I’m looking forward to finally closing the Lizardmen chapter of the book. I’ll take them to the tournament on Saturday and hopefully put up a good showing. I’ll definitely have a report out as well after the tournament to let everybody know how I did. Thanks a lot and please let me know what you think. Thanks!


The Original Spawning: Oldblood on Carnosaur Complete and Valentine’s Day Massacre Report Out!

funnydinoThis post is kinda late because I wanted to have this posted before this past Saturday’s Valentine’s Day Massacre, but I ran outta time so I’m going to make this both a post of my newest addition to my Lizardmen army and also include the details on the tournament that I participated in over the weekend. I’ll begin by saying I was very impressed with the outpouring of support we received from several different places across the Midwest. We had 7 guys come up from OKC, a couple from Manhattan, Kansas and even had a lone soldier come from Lawrence, Kansas… in total, we had 20 people and was one of the bigger (and better) tournaments to be had in Wichita in a long time. I really felt the nostalgia because we had so many new people in the building and it made for some excellent games and it definitely forged some new friendships (as well as friendly competition!)

So to start off with, I altered my list a few weeks ago and decided to run with dual Carnosaurs; 1 for the Battle Standard Bearer and 1 for the Oldblood (Thanks, new Lizardmen Army Book!) This means that the BSB range is now 18″ instead of 12″, since he’s mounted. And also, he’s riding a Carnosaur, which doesn’t suck…  I’ve always been a fan of a dinosaur list and like the idea of having all of the biggest things that the Lizardmen army book as to offer, so including yet another big dino – and a Carnosaur, at that – was simply too much for me to pass up. I don’t really like the new look of the plastic Carnosaur model… something about it that didn’t appeal to me… and if you recall, I used that model to assemble a Troglodon, anyways. However, lots of stuff was left over from the sprue so I happened to have a spare Carnosaur laying around (I like the metal model better, anyways) and took the Oldblood model, as well as some reins and the saddle and converted it so that he fits on old Carnosaur. Here’s some WIP from when I first started:


After getting it all converted I set out to getting it painted and opted to go with a green and brown color scheme. I think it stands out among the rest of my army because the colors are very striking and loud. So I think for the Oldblood it fit him perfectly. Here’s some more pics of the painted Oldblood and Carnosaur:




As for how things went during the tournament… well, I started out very well. It was a 3 game tournament and I started game 1 against an OKC gamer named Joe, and he had a Warriors of Chaos army. He did have Festus and some Nurgle Chaos Warriors, and it took me 1.5 units of Saurus to finally widdle ’em down. He did himself no favors as his Daemon Prince charged in but then miscast that same turn, sending him into the Warp. After that, all I had to do was clean house and it took all 6 turns but I was able to get a Massacre for the game. So a full 25 battle points. Game 2 was against another New World Order gamer name Mike, and he had a Vampire Counts army. I was worried at first because he had some ethereal creatures in his list and I have no magic weapons so I wasn’t going to be able to do any damage to him… And that is actually what happened. However, because my Oldblood is tough and hard to hit, I was able to kill him off because I kept winning combat resolution so it eventually killed them off. Otherwise, I would’ve been stuck in a combat I could not have won for the entirety of the game. In Turn 2, the Ancient Stegadon was able to destroy the Vampire Lord and thus started the undoing of the VC army, due to the crumbling rule. When he died, he took out a handful of other units in his wake, and that was the deciding factor of the game as well. All said and done, I got another Massacre and 23 Battle Points. Last game was against John Pike, who takes a pretty nasty High Elves army… We were both undefeated and the winner was going to take home the Beast Mode trophy… After some bad decisions by me and his taking advantage of those bad decisions, he was able to knock out my army pretty handily and all I had left were my 2 carnosaurs, a skink priest and my Terradons. It was Major Loss for me, so I ended up 2-1-0 and brought my 2014 record to 5-3-1, which isn’t bad.



I thought the tournament was excellent and was glad that we had such a good turnout. A lot of the guys that were in this tournament will also be participating in the Slobberknocker GT here in OKC next month, so you could say this tournament was a primer of sorts. There were tons of awesome armies there, and the Brettonia army that won Best Painted was by far one of the most immaculate armies I’ve ever seen. I think after this outing I’m going to finish up the Bastiladon and the Ripperdactyls then the Lizardmen will hit the shelves for a while. The Dwarfs book is now out and I’m ready to start playing with them and putting together a new list. I’ll continue to play the Lizards here and there because they are my “go to” army, but I’m going to focus on other projects going forward. My Deathwing is nearly complete so I’m sure I’ll get in some 40k games at some point as well…

Next up is the March Melee Madness Tournament at Hero Complex on March 15th, which will be the week before the Slobberknocker GT. So I’ll use that one to test out the Dwarfs list and get ready to go! Check back for other projects and report outs as we get into the thick of Tournament Season! As always, thanks for reading!

2,500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Hero Complex – Wichita, Kansas. (Results… Spoiler alert: I win something!)

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Just 10 days into the new year and I can already cross one thing off of the resolutions list… I plan to make it to a couple of local tournaments throughout the year and I was able to do that this past Saturday, January 10th and Hero Complex located in Wichita, Kansas. A good buddy of mine and I made the 2 hour road trip from OKC to Wichita and participated in the first tournament of the new year: a 2,500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. There were 3 custom scenarios… the first one required you to go for the opponent’s general and gave you extra bonus points for knocking him out of the game and so was aptly named “Kill the head of the snake”. The 2nd one was a Magic Flux where any doubles you rolled during the magic phase would be counted as Irresistible Force (and a miscast) based on the turn you were in (so in turn 2, if you rolled double 6’s or double 2’s it would be a miscast). The third and final scenario was a “Last Stand” scenario. Any unit could use a Last Stand command where they would automatically pass any and all Ld tests they were required to make. All great scenarios and even though we only had 8 people show up it showed great potential for the Fantasy gaming front. There was plenty of excitement and lots of people in the shop playing other games that got some good shots of us playing, hopefully bringing them closer to giving it a try.

photo (4)

Some action from Saturday.

My first game was against a great friend of mine, Chris McArthur, and his Tomb Kings army. It was hard fought and we got through 4 turns but time ran out on us and we ended up with a draw. My second game was against a new Fantasy player that also made a 2 hour trip named Matt that was playing Skaven. Being new to the game he was having some trouble knowing what all units / characters did what but I was more than willing to help him out, especially since he came out and is very interested in making it to regular tournaments! There was one point in which his Hellpit Abomination did some damage to my Saurus unit and the only thing that kept me around was the Steadfast rule… Hard fought again and ended up with a draw. Last game was against my other buddy Austin Murrey (who made the trip with me) against his beautifully painted Chaos Slaanesh army. In order to make it a draw the points difference had to be between 0 and 251 points… The total for Austin was 258 and one Chaos Warrior that held his own against a hailstorm of skink poisoned blowpipe darts ended up being the difference between a Minor Victory and a draw. So I walked out with a record of 0-1-2 but was still fortunate enough to have the coveted “Best Painted Army” award! I always enjoy winning and love to play the game but I love making my army look good so I enjoy it more when I’m able to win a painted award! The tounament went smooth and hopefully this is the spark that the fantasy front needs. 8 people this time with another tournament coming in February and if that number continues to rise and rise it will only be better. Playing in the tournament definitely made me think of the golden age from a few years ago when Fantasy was in its prime and we had a huge turnout of players every weekend. I’m very hopeful and and certain that we can get back to that point and I believe this tournament is a step in the right direction!

photo (3)

Squaring off against the Tomb Kings!

I had fun and always enjoy getting in 3 games a day and it helped even more to walk outta there with some s.w.a.g. Now I’m off to put together my Bastilidon and Trogolodon models (I didn’t get to use them yesterday because they’re still shrink-wrapped… I’ll have to remedy this…) to add and bolster my Lizardmen army then continue working on the Dwarfs and Deathwing. More updates coming soon. As always, thanks for reading!

photo (2)

Lizardmen take on Austin’s Chaos Slaanesh army.

Jungles of Lustria 2013 Resolutions Recap & 2014 New Years Gaming Resolutions!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

Sigh… It’s that time of the year to reflect back on all I did(n’t) do throughout 2013! I know it’s a little early to post this as I usually wait until right after the new year but I figured I’d get it in now… In the interest of… something… This post is really just a re-post of my 2012 Resolutions recap because so many things didn’t go the way I had intended this year, gaming-wise. I did a lot to improve myself on a personal and spiritual level so that’s all good… but because of that my gaming took a huge hit. I started off the year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania then headed back to Seattle, Washington about Mid-March… From there, I was in town for about 4 weeks before being sent to Japan for about 4 months. Got back to the states in June and relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 1. Along the way, the moving company lost a good portion of my gaming stuff which included my Warmachine Mercs army (fully painted) as well as my bitz box that had at least 12 years of bitz in it, not to mention some rare and OOP models. They also misplaced my “Harry the Hammer” sealed model and lost a good portion of my Beastmen army as well as what I had left over from my Orcs and Goblins army… I was pissed off and, of course, there’s nothing they could do about it.  And that’s where I’ve been ever since. I then reconnected with the love of my life, got engaged on July 11, married on November 9, and now getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas! Needless to say, that left little time to get my gaming up to par… I was, however, able to participate in one of the coolest Grand Tournaments I’ve ever been to when I attended the West Coast GT in the Los Angeles area out in CA. I met a great group of guys there and will hopefully get the chance to head back there this year.

In case you don’t remember, this is what I had planned to accomplish in 2013 (Results in parentheses):

– Paint 2,500 points of Beastmen (FAIL!)

– Paint 1,500 points of Salamanders (FAIL!)

– Finish 2,000 points of Deathwing (FAIL!)

– Attend 2 Major Warhammer Fantasy Tournaments (1/2 FAIL! I did attend the West Coast GT!)

– Attend at least 1 Major Warhammer 40k Tournament (FAIL!)

– Attend Games Day 2013 (FAIL!)

– Finish 2,500 points of Daemons of Chaos (FAIL!)

Well 2014 is going to be different! I make that vow right now! I’m finally at a point in my life where I still travel, but not NEARLY as much as I have in the past 3 years… So I’m in OKC now, and have recently gotten in contact with a group of local gamers that go by the name of The New World Order Gaming Club that looks very promising. They hold monthly tournaments for both Fantasy and 40k, and even sprinkle some WarmaHordes in there every now and then. And they’re also planning on holding their first Slobberknocker Grand Tournament in March, which I’ve signed up for (as well as some of my B.A.W.G.S. brothers), as you’ll notice in my “Upcoming Events” section on the left side of this page. So with all this happening around me, it really just falls on me to sit around and do nothing… So in other words, I have no excuses. Well, after going through a list of all that I plan on accomplishing this year, adding some items, removing some items, etc, etc…. I’ve finally come up with a list. So far in 2 years that I’ve given Gaming Resolutions I’ve fallen short, and I’m determined to not let that happen this year. So without further ado, here’s my 2014 Gaming Resolutions:

– Paint 3,000 points of Dwarfs (About 5% Complete)

– Complete 2,000 points of my Deathwing Army (40% Complete)

– Paint 50 points of Trollbloods (About 8% Complete)

– Attend at least 3 Major Grand Tournaments for Warhammer Fantasy (1 signed up for so far!)

– Attend at least 1 Major Grand Tournament for Warhammer 40K (More to come on this one.)

– Complete new Carnosaur and Bastilidon models for my Lizardmen army (Models purchased!)

– Attend Games Day 2014

The Dwarfs are about 5% complete.

The Dwarfs are about 5% complete.

The Deathwing are so close! Just need to get motivated!

The Deathwing are so close! Just need to get motivated!

I’ve toned it down from the last few years but I feel it’s much more attainable and manageable this time around. Hopefully things go as planned and I’m not having to shuffle around my entire life again and put my gaming plans on hold… but things rarely go as planned. Here’s to closing out 2013 with a couple more painting post updates and beginning 2014 with a blast! The Dwarfs are up first as they have a date with some new armies on March 22-23 right here in OKC. I’ll try to work on the Deathwing in between for a change of scenery. Whatever I’m working on, the plan is just to actually do something, and continue to do it in 2014. So what are you Gaming Resolutions for 2014? I’d encourage you to make a list. It helps to keep you on track and remember those goals you made at the beginning of the year. Have an awesome rest of the year and may 2014 bring all that you want! Thanks for reading!

The Book of Grudges: Grudgethrower #1.

Now that I’ve been in the Oklahoma City area for a few months… and have gotten the wedding outta the way, the startup and settling down of moving into a new home, and Thanksgiving done, I figured it was time to see what OKC has to offer for the gaming scene. I recently found a few gaming groups around here and a few stores as well. There is one actual Games Workshop store as well as a few independent retailers, New World and Games HQ just to name a few. Anyways, I stumbled upon a gaming forum and came across what appears to be a gaming convention on March 22-23 right here in OKC that goes by the name of TwisterCon. And it appears that The New World Order gaming group will be putting on a WHFB Grand Tournament. So, instead of heading 3 hours south to Dallas for the Lonewolf, I’ve decided to stay local and support the local gaming community and participate in the GT that has been dubbed “The Slobberknocker”. At the time of typing of this post, I have signed up for their forums and have signed up for the GT as well, but still have not been approved to post yet so I haven’t been able to introduce myself… More to come…

So anyways, I’m telling you all of this because I have decided to start up my Dwarfs army and started by the tune of a tough-as-nails Dwarf crew and their trusty Grudgethrower. This is the first model that I’ve painted for the Dwarf army and there will be more and more coming along in the coming weeks. If the tournament is March 22-23 then that tells me I have about 3 months to paint an entire 2,500 point Dwarf army… and a display board. The good thing is that I don’t have to haul it across the country on a plane or even drive hours to get it to it’s final destination, and that alone makes me happy about it all. I figure there’s no time like the present and in order to take a journey of 1 million steps it all begins with a single step… So this Grudgethrower is my first step.


I’ve decided to go with the Dwarf Stronghold of Karak Kadrin, whose colors are crimson red dotted with silver and gold. And to accomplish this, the Dwarfs in the army that actually have shields (there won’t be many) will have their shields painted red and all of the Dwarfs that have helmets will have red on theirs as well. I’m going to go with a custom mark on the banners when the time comes as well. Thus, you notice the crew has red helmets…. Here’s a few pics of what I was able to complete so far.


And some more:



So now onto more painting. I have a lot to get done! I believe I’ll work on the cannon and crew next! More to come soon! Thanks for checking.


West Coast GT 2013 Report Out! To the Victor goes the spoils!

b31ead_862b83d3b46bb30d7b2b9b2b647a1a9b.png_srz_166_155_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzMade it back to the Pacific Northwest yesterday afternoon after a long weekend of Fantasy Gaming in the West Coast GT. It was my first time out there, and I have a lot to report on. Here’s the breakdown:

To start things off, I want to start by thanking the guys from West Coast Hammertime that helped to make the West Coast GT one of the more memorable GT’s I’ve ever been apart of (Bill and Fred are a few of the names I remember). The venue was nice and could’ve held about 3-4 more tables if needed. It was the Elks Lodge, and they even had a bar on-site with the concession stand in the same room as the tournaments… so getting a quick snack was very easy to do. In all, there were 44 participants, which is the second largest GT I’ve ever attended, and I don’t have one bad thing to say about anybody that was there. I met up with zebrazach and a couple other guys and pretty much hung with them the entire weekend. The camaraderie that was there, as well as the hospitality shown by these guys as well as others (Stephen Johnstone, Lenny Ortega, Zack Lopez, Leif Davidsen and Ryan Frayer, just to name a few) was outstanding and I never once felt out of place. The weather was amazing, and there was food places as well as a grocery store in the same parking lot. All in all, very nice location and well run tournament. I’ll take the next few paragraphs to break down the pro’s and con’s of the tournament:

Here's my Lizards!

Here’s my Lizards!


Venue: Big enough, plenty of space. And a bar right where we needed it. We were able to leave our things there overnight, which is a huge advantage because I hate packing my stuff up once it’s out, only to have to do the same thing again the next day. As stated earlier, walking distance to lots of food joints and a grocery store. The bar portion was right next to us and they had a waitress that was on top of things throughout the entire weekend, always checking to see if you needed anything else. The tables were well spaced, each had 2 chairs, and they were clearly marked.

Booze!: That’s right! The West Coast GT’ers had a keg on tap that was free for anybody that wanted it as long as the keg was still flowing! I think it lasted about a game and a half…

The Staff: These guys (it’s worth mentioning once again, West Coast Hammertime – they have podcasts as well) were on top of everything and made sure to constantly walk around and check in on everybody’s game in case of any rules questions or anything of the sort. They also stuck very closely to the schedule which is awesome… a dragging tournament is never fun. Also, upon signing up, they hand you a file folder with 6 printouts of your army list in Army Builder as well as all you’ll need for the weekend for getting through the scenarios. At the start of each game, if there was something that was specific to the scenario, they already had it there by the time we set up. There was very little downtime throughout because these guys were running like an efficient, well-oiled machine.

The Prize Support: Here’s a pic of the prize support. In the end, they had a raffle for a lot of random stuff (that I happened to win!) even before they got to the awards. Any time I pay upwards of $70 for a tournament, it’s always nice to see the TOs giving a lot of it back. I was very pleased with the prize support. I also found out in the end that the guys from Cardboard Arcade (Lenny Ortega, Leif Davidsen) donated some of the prize support, which goes to show even more how well those guys work with each other in SoCal.

All the prize support.

All the prize support.

Scenarios: Even though I’m not a huge fan of switching up the scenarios I really liked the ones these guys came up with because they stuck to the SoCal theme with them. There was one that used Mad Mickey from Disneyland and then another where you’re trying to make it to the main stage in order to “make it” in Hollywood. They were pretty fair for both sides and didn’t make a huge difference either way. I liked the changed of pace and scenery for the altered scenarios so these get my vote.


Table height: This one is more personal preference than anything, but I think my Agents of C.O.M.I.C.S. days spoiled me because of the 4 foot high tables. Makes it much easier on the knees and lower back, but even then, I understand this is hard to accommodate. So this is more of a personal gripe than anything.

That’s about it for pro’s and con’s. I think the tournament was well-ran, stayed on time, and the prize support was pretty amazing. A very friendly staff as well as friendly gamers made it a very enjoyable experience.

Tournament Performance:

As for how I fared in the tournament… Well, I ended up going 1-2-2 and placed 16th out of 44 players. My total points were 133.5 and got the prize for 2nd place Best Sportsman. I got 3 out of 5 votes for “Most Favorite Opponent”, which was good enough to take 2nd place. For my efforts, I got the Empire Reinforcement Battalion! (I got the Warhounds in the raffle!)


I played Stephen Johnstone (very cool guy) in Round 1 against his Tomb Kings and it ended up a draw. In the last turn, he was able to kill off my General, and that proved to be the deciding factor in making it a draw as opposed to a win for me. Very fun game. Round 2 I played Jeff Seuss’s High Elves and got yet another draw. I believe in Turn 3 we started taking shots of Patron Tequila… made for a very enjoyable game. He got my vote for Most Favorite Opponent and was part of the Leadership 2 group. The third game of the first day was against Wade Durant and his Dark Elves and they handed me my first loss of the tournament. So at the end of Day 1 I was 0-1-2. The next day I started off with Brian Karol’s Skaven and got a pretty decisive victory. He was a new gamer and was still learning the ways of how you play a Skaven army. Finally, my last game was against Justin Rusk who played Wood Elves. This game went pretty poorly for me (and awesome for him!) as he charged my Carnosaur – and broke it in combat – and then I failed to rally the next turn. Obviously, he ran him off and then widdled down my Saurus unit with a Treeman and Dryads. He was a good general and could really tell that he knew how to play his army. So, overall, 1-2-2 with a 16th place finish. Sorry for the lack of great detail in these but I really could do entire posts on each of the games – and I just might. But the intent of this post is to give thoughts on the West Coast GT and how I did, so short and sweet is what I’m shooting for.

Extracurricular Activities:

On Saturday night, a handful of us stuck around and got some food nearby and then decided to do a mega battle. The idea was to set up each of our armies and then we had to play with somebody else’s army. We had 3 vs. 3 and I ended up using Ryan Frayer’s Wood Elves. As is customary with mega battles, we never finished and got to Round 2 before we decided drinking was the better idea. We had a blast, though and it really kinda tied the whole tournament together with the camaraderie that these guys showed one another. There was laughs, cries, more laughs, and even some shots thrown in there somewhere. It was an awesome night… although the time change didn’t help much the next morning!

Look at all the beer cups on the table...

Look at all the beer cups on the table…


Overall, I was very pleased with the West Coast GT and, depending on where I’m at around this time next year, I will definitely make it back. The guys that ran the tournament did a hell of a job and the venue they chose was top notch. All of the players were very cool and I seen some of the best painted armies I’ve ever seen at this tournament. Those guys from SoCal really know how to put on a tournament and show off their armies. I’d recommend this tournament to anybody on the west coast or anybody that’s willing to do a little bit of travel, just like I did. Thanks again to everybody that was there and the TO’s, it was one hell of a party! Enjoy the pics! Also, my apologies to the painters of each of these armies, my camera work does the detail in which these armies are painted no justice!

The Grand Host of Revered Slann-Mage Priest Xalana’qay – (re)Finished!

Used without permission.

Used without permission.

You ever have the urge to get up in the middle of the night about 3:45 AM and decide to start working on your unfinished army…? Well that’s exactly what happened to me this morning. After not feeling so well the last few days as well as re-adjusting to West Coast time, my body just wasn’t feeling it… but this morning, I woke up in the wee hours of the night wide awake, and since I decided there was no way I was gonna fall back asleep, off to work I headed. If you read my last post about the TSHFT Open being cancelled, then you remember me saying I was going to have to re-assemble my army in a day or two in order to play in the tournament this weekend. Well it turns out it was cancelled, but I still had plans to work on my Lizardmen anyways… If you recall, my army got simply trashed on the move back from Maryland over the summer… I hadn’t actually taken it out to assess the damage because 1.) I really haven’t had the proper time and, 2.) I was scared to see what kind of condition it was going to be in. The moving company simply obliterated it… Things were bent, some were broken, and some things trashed entirely… Below is just a sampling of what I pulled out when I finally opened the case (notice the Terradons in complete pieces…)


So, I upgraded the carrying case this morning and got everything it’s own cutout in 2 separate Army Transports… So now all 5,000ish points of Lizardmen fits nicely into 2 carrying cases. I set about gluing, cutting, re-cutting, gluing some more, and throwing some things away… It took a few hours but I’m happy to report that the entire army has been fixed and is now ready to go, at least for the most part. What some of these pictures don’t show is how beat up some of the details are on some of the models. Some have big chips that I need to go back over but will set to doing that shortly. Today’s goal was to just get it all put back together. Here’s a couple more pics:




I found that I need to finish up one last movement tray (you’ll notice it on the Temple Guard) and I have an unopened Scar-Veteran model that needs to be painted as well. So I’m about 98% complete with this army, minus the touch-ups. Here’s the last of the finished army:



After getting everything back in order I started working on my Beastmen and took stock of what kind of condition it’s in as well. There appears to be about 2,200 points of models available and nothing yet painted. So, with this in mind,  this army will be next to paint once I finish up the other 2% of my Lizardmen. There is one other thing I’d like to do, though, specifically for the West Coast Hammertime GT, and that’s re-do my display board to have some real water effects. This will be the first thing and likely take place this weekend so check back for that. It’ll be my first time trying out water effects but I’m confident I can pull it off. Stay tuned, check back, and as always, thanks for reading.